Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza Night!

With my husband and I both working and the kids having a busy after school schedule, we declared every Wednesday to be Pizza Night (or any other fast food -my kids always like rotisserie chicken from Publix too!). It means a break for mom and dad - pick up or order out. No thinking about, "What's for dinner" all day.

If possible, still try to eat together - use paper plates, shoot for minimal dirty dishes and more time to be together and share about the day.

I once had a manager who declared everyday a different night - she had Pollo Tropical night, Burger King night, Subway night, etc.. I admit, I thought she was crazy, but in reality, she had figured out how to eat with her kids every night that she did not have to work late without spending hours in the kitchen. She made healthy dinner choices from the menu and everyone grew up fine!

Pick whatever day works for you and Go For It!

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